Debbie Irwin Voiceovers Logo

As the Integrated Marketing Communications and Graphic Design Manager, I first created a new brand identity for Debbie Irwin Voiceovers. With Debbie’s rebranding now public (and periodically assessed), I currently manage Debbie Irwin’s online presence to ensure one look, one feel, and one tone to the company’s brand messaging across both traditional and non-traditional marketing channels.


Read the two-part detailed article I wrote about the brandmark design, and rebranding process on

Atlanta Georgia Signature

The purpose for branding ATLanta, GA is to give it an identity of its own, an identity that the natives can be proud of, and one that will attract tourism.


Once the Signature was completed, I set out to design business applications that streamlined the new brand message across stationery, collateral materials, and digital platforms. All of which are showcased and explained further in the visual identity guidelines (PDF), along with detailed instructions on basic standards of use for the new ATL Signature.

Baruch Mock Trial Association Logo

As Creative Director of Baruch College's Mock Trial Association, I created this Signature, as well as the slogan: “We lay down the LAW!” which were designed to better represent Baruch and intimidate during Mock Trial Competitions.


I was also able to capture the attention of Baruch students through the communication designs of our print and web promotional materials — increasing attendance to our general interest meetings by more than 50 percent.

L.E.S.G.O. ENT. Logo

This brandmark was influenced by the fact that L.E.S.G.O. ENT. originated in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, which was also known as the 6th borough, and represented by a cartoon bomb (in the shape of a 6) by its natives in the 90s.


The L.E.S.G.O. ENT. brandmark is lighting its own fuse because L.E.S.G.O. ENT. is a widely versatile team that delivers an outstanding package where music and performing have NO limitations, and they're about to "blow!"

Daily Agent App Logo

Daily Agent is a mobile app that automatically creates your weekly schedule, giving you the best routes to travel from one appointment to the next.

Conversation Partners Sample Logo

The Conversation Partners Program at Baruch College matches native and nonnative speakers of English for informal conversations.

Conversation Partners Sample Logo

Being both a vocalist and lyricist, Papi Shank titled his debut album: "The SUM of Both Worlds, Papi Pt. 1"

Papi Shank Logo

Papi Shank (P.S.) requested that his brandmark be comprised of an: epic sword-like shank, a microphone, and a trebel cleff, while including both the letters "P" and "S." He also wanted the the logo to hint at an eclipse occuring.


In order to satisfy all of the requests, I designed a shank with a microphone as the handle. The knuckle guard is designed to look like an inverted eclipse, and a decorative trebel cleff in the shape of the letter "S" is between the guard and the blade. The entire logo is designed to resemble the letter "P."

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