Video Art

Deep Rooted

Conceptualized, and edited by MoisesMNY

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Music Video Treatments

Better Man (R&B)

Conceptualized, written and produced by MoisesMNY

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Video + Music
Music Projects

The SUM of Both Worlds, Papi Pt. 1

"The SUM of Both Worlds, Papi Pt. 1" is Papi Shank's debut album. Not only was I the creative director of the entire project, I wrote lyrics for every song on the album, and produced four of the eleven tracks, as seen in the album credits.

Miss Sex Appeal

"Miss Sex Appeal" is CheRyl Martinez's debut album. CheRyl and I shared the creative director responsibilities for this entire project. Plus, I wrote lyrics for 8 of the 16 songs on the album, and produced 2 of the tracks, as seen in the album credits.

The Urban Latin Pop Sensation

Currently, I’m writing and producing new music for Papi Shank. You can listen to his music on his official website:

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