Social Commentary via Video Art

Deep Rooted

Conceptualized, and edited by MoisesMNY

Social commentary on today's police brutality issues, created by mashing up the trailers of two movies starring Channing Tatum: "22 Jump Street" and "White House Down."


Conceptualized, written, produced, shot, and edited by MoisesMNY

Social commentary on how technology has not only disconnected us, but causes many to live in the fabricated reality of social media.

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Video Art with a Message


Written, produced, shot, and edited by MoisesMNY

Life won't always give you a second chance. Thinking about it and doing it is not the same thing. Therefore, make the first one count.

Self Portrait

Written, produced, directed, and edited by MoisesMNY

Have you ever stopped to considered how you truly view yourself? Next time you look into the mirror, remember the law of attraction.

Big Picture

Short "one-shot" video shot by MoisesMNY

Don't miss out on the big picture by micromanaging your life. Sometimes you're too close to the situation and need to take a step back.

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Video Art